About Jack Ettinger

I am a  recently retired baby boomer  who's path in life has left me with many regrets. I often wonder what I would do differently if I could go back in time?  That's not going to happen, so I choose to focus on what I can control right now.   I sincerely want to "make a difference" before my tank runs dry.  And, despite my many failures and shortcomings, I hope my mission will make my Children  proud of me,  

How can you help?

On the first day our new President is sworn into office, UNITE will be delivered to the White House from “We the People.”  There will be a short and simple letter that will accompany Unite. To review my letter to our next President click "more."

       My Misson

At 65 years of age, this is a BIG LEAP for me.  There is much to do in the next 190 days before my 66th birthday. (September 23, 2016)  I am a “one man show” with no secretary and no budget.   My MISSION can only be successful when my fellow  Americans rally around me.  When awareness takes traction and finances are raised, I will be able to recruit my team of Veterans, commission UNITE, hire a commercial Helicopter, engage the media, and put my plan in motion.

Obviously, the success of my Mission depends on donations.  I am only asking for a donation of 1 DOLLAR, however, donations above that amount are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate, please click on the donation button below.  Thank you for your support. UNITE AMERICA NOW!

​"In a time of domestic crisis, men of

goodwill and generosity should be able to

UNITE regardless of party or politics"  

​                                               Ronald Regan